As soon as Froggy and her kittens TimIMG_1761my, Kimber and JackieJackie were posted to the City Kitties Facebook page, Julie knew Timmy was the kitty for her.  There was just something about Timmy and his adorable heart-shaped nose that spoke to her.  Timmy was still too young to leave Froggy, but a month later Timmy became a permanent part of Julie’s life.

Two years later, Julie and Timmy are an unstoppable duo.

When the alarm goes off in the morning, Timmy runs up to Julie’s face to make sure she wakes up and to ask for snuggles.  On the weekends, he lets her sleep in until 8 before he gets her up for snuggles and play time.

IMG_7620Timmy loves sitting in the window watching birds, but when Julie arrives home from work in the evening he hustles to the door to greet her and plops down on the floor to show her his belly.

Timmy is super playful, and will ask for attention if he is bored.  As king of the apartment, Timmy has lots of toys.   His favorite toy is a “sheep skin” mouse, but he also likes to chase feather toys and play on his cat tower.

timmyDuring the day, Timmy’s favorite places to nap are on his cat tower or in boxes.  At night he usually sleeps at Julie’s feet, curled up on her stomach, or snuggled in her arms.

Timmy shows how happy he is by his chatty, affectionate nature, by cooing and giving hugs.  Julie says “He’s a fabulous little kitty and I love that he is part of my life.”


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