PIckle at City Kitties


Pickle was rescued back in 2008.  He was one smart kitty – he wandered into a City Kitties fundraising event.  He was filthy, VERY hungry and pretty sweet.  He spent a few months in foster care before he found the right family.  We just got an update from his family.  They report that he is still a wonderfully affectionate kitty.  He is not picky whose lap he sits on, and makes new friends quickly.

Pickle likes the warmth of the heater.

Pickle’s family are able to measure the temperature in their house in “lap-seconds,” the time it takes between sitting down and when Pickle climbs up on their lap.  During the cold spells we had this winter, it only took 3-4 seconds for Pickle to find a comfy lap.  He definitely likes the warmth and is also attracted to the heaters in is home.  What a silly kitty he is.  


Pickle with his Christmas Tree toy, a gift from his foster home!

Not long after adopting Pickle, his family adopted a dog that they named Dill.  As soon as they brought Dill home, Pickle focused all of his energy on her.  His former antics (like ankle attacks) thankfully stopped as Dill and Pickle began to wrestle frequently.  They have become buddies and they wrestle (and cuddle) daily. 

Pickle had stolen a dog toy (a stuffed christmas tree with a star and music box) from one of the dogs in his foster home.  His foster family was kind enough to let him keep it when he was adopted.  Pickle has treasured it ever since.  The star has since been lost, and the music box ran out of batteries long ago.  There have been several sewing repairs.  Every night when his family goes to bed he starts “talking” to the tree and playing with it.  Pickle likes to stand his hind legs on the tree while on the couch, and then roll himself to attack it.  He then carries it in his mouth all over the house (it is rarely in the same spot in the morning).  Often, it will be waiting for his family (or maybe the dog, Dill) outside of their room in the morning.

We are so happy for Pickles and his family!

pickles_withdill pickles_withtree