Other Ways You Can Help

WesleyWe understand that fostering is not for everyone, but there’s good news — you can still support City Kitties and help stray cats!  Here are some specific projects as well as general ideas to get you started:

Organize a Small Fundraiser
Individual donors have single-handedly supported City Kitties since our inception, and we have been the lucky recipients of many small creative fundraising efforts. Etsy business owners have offered a promotional month during which the business donates a portion of their profits to City Kitties. Supporters have hosted a brunch and passed around a donation jar (or asked for a suggested donation at the door). Others have pooled together with friends to create a group donation, or found people or organizations to match their donation.   Ask your friends and family to donate to City Kitties instead of giving a gift.

Get Your Kids Involved
City Kitties has some creative young friends! Over the years, classes of young people have designed handmade cards to sell at holiday craft fairs to benefit City Kitties (a big hit), and others created cat-themed art to be sold at our Art Auction.  One dedicated youngster sold figs from his parents’ tree and donated the proceeds to City Kitties.  We love seeing young people use their creative talents to help animals while learning more about homeless animals, and friends of City Kitties love getting the work of budding artists! Other young people have written letters of support for City Kitties, and classes worked together to collect items for our foster homes.

Support New Foster Homes
Our foster homes do an amazing job of providing interim love and shelter for our rescues while we work to find forever homes for them. Items such as cardboard cat scratchers, brushes, treats, catnip, cat toys, lint rollers, litter boxes, litter box liners, cat beds/perches, and feline furniture are useful in helping new foster homes get setup for their City Kitties houseguests. New items, still in their original packaging, can be dropped off at the City Kitties table in Clark Park, most Saturdays from 10 AM – 1 PM (weather permitting – Spring/Summer/Fall only). While we appreciate the offers of food and litter, we have limited storage space and we find that most foster homes have food/litter preferences and want to choose their own. If you have brand-new bags of high quality dry or wet food, please email us or stop by the table before dropping off.    (We are currently all stocked-up, but check back to see when we are in need!)

Trap and Spay/Neuter Porch Cats
Don’t get us wrong, we love kittens – but sadly we hear about far too many unwanted litters of kittens.  By nabbing that stray cat hanging out on your block and getting it spayed/neutered, you help reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens in your neighborhood. We can provide you with a humane trap and instructions on how to use it. Other local organizations such as the new PAWS clinic provide low-cost veterinary services.

Get Involved in Philadelphia Animal Welfare Advocacy
Change starts with you–lend your support to city-wide efforts to advocate for animal welfare. Check out Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia, a group dedicated to systemic change for homeless animals in Philadelphia.

Do you have another idea about how you might like to help City Kitties? Contact us–we’d love to hear about it!

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