Ask a Question about Fostering

If you have questions about volunteering as a foster home, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you are writing to request help with a cat or kitten that you have found, please note:

March 29, 2013: Due to the surge of requests that comes with spring and “kitten season,” City Kitties has a wait list that is several months long.  We are unable to accept new requests to take in new cats at this time.  While we wish that we were able to help all of the kitties in need, City Kitties is a very small rescue with a limited capacity. For more information on how to support kitties in need, please review these FAQs.  We also urge you to take efforts to spay and neuter any cats that are outdoors — it can safely be assumed any female cat that is outside and un-spayed is pregnant, and will have 2-3 litters of kittens in the next few months.  Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer services to individuals who need to adopt out their own rescued cat and want to become part of our foster program for this purpose.  If you have found a stray cat and need assistance, please visit our Stray Cat Guide, which answers many questions about vet care, advertising your stray, and finding a proper home.

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