Request a Humane Trap

Thank you for caring about Philadelphia’s stray and feral cats! City Kitties provides a small number of traps for loan to the public. We require a $40 deposit, which is refunded when the trap is returned. There is generally a wait list for our traps, and we also keep them on hand for emergencies such as fires, so we ask that you plan to return the trap within a week. We also ask that prior to returning the trap, you clean all debris out of the trap and spray it down with disinfectant. (Keeping the trap for longer than a week without notifying us, or failure to clean the trap may result in forfeiting your deposit). If you’re new to TNR, please read our Feral Cats & TNR page, where we provide basic information and links to extensive online resources, and our list of local vet clinics to determine where the cat will receive care.

Please note:  City Kitties is NOT able to provide on-site trapping services.  We will provide instructions on how to use the trap when you pick it up, but City Kitties will not come trap cats and we are not able to provide support for cats once they have been trapped.  

Please provide a phone number where we can reach you to make arrangements to pick up the trap.
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