How do I get a feral cat to the vet for treatment for a wound, injury, or illness?

by Lou on May 13, 2012

Since feral and semi-feral cats typically can’t be coaxed into a carrier and whisked off to the vet, treating injuries and illnesses can be difficult. Even if the cat is sick enough to allow you to approach, use caution when handling the animal. Moving or picking up a feral cat, however sick it may be, could result in a bite wound, which can result in a nasty infection requiring medical attention — not to mention concerns about rabies if the cat’s vaccination status is unknown. Be careful! You will likely need to use a humane trap to capture the injured feral cat. Before you trap the animal, make a plan — where will you take it for vet care? Do you need an appointment? (Please see our extensive list of low-cost veterinary resources in the Philadelphia area.) To prevent injury and reduce stress on the animal, your veterinarian will likely need to sedate the feral cat before examining him or her. Sometimes veterinarians use injectable, slow-release antibiotics to treat wounds or injuries that could result in infection. If the cat is very ill or has sustained a severe, life-threatening injury that may require long-term care, euthanasia may be the most humane option. Need a humane trap? Request one here.

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