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by Lou on November 21, 2012

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Violet was found in a South Philadelphia community garden, badly wounded from a dog attack. Luckily, her rescuer was Dr. Megan Andeer of The Cat Doctor, one of the vets City Kitties teams up with to help Philly strays. Dr. Andeer had been trapping a colony of cats in the garden when she stumbled across this tiny black kitten in dire need of veterinary care.


Violet suffered significant spinal trauma, pulmonary contusions, and rib fractures in the attack. Sadly, she will never regain use of her back legs. But as the whole Cat Doctor team can attest, Violet isn’t letting any of that get her down — she seems to think she is perfectly normal and spent her afternoon playing in her cage.

We aren’t yet sure what kind of treatment Violet may require: surgery, visits to specialists, possibly a special cart to support her hind end and help her get around. Similarly, we don’t know if she will ever be available for adoption; she may have to become a permanent resident at The Cat Doctor to receive the care she needs. All we know right now is that we are glad she’s indoors and receiving top-notch veterinary medicine and lots of love.

Violet PlayingUPDATE 11/27/12: Violet is headed to CARES today with Dr. Lisa Ziemer for a consult with a specialist and perhaps more imaging. Dr. Andeer and Dr. Ziemer hope to determine if Violet’s spine needs to be surgically stabilized or if it’s safe to get her into a cart and moving around on her own. Like former City Kitties Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and many  other special needs kitties before her, we believe Violet deserves a second chance at a happy, fulfilling life.

Want to help Violet recover from her ordeal? You can make a donation to City Kitties in any amount. You can even try out our new e-Gift Card feature — make a donation in someone’s honor for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, and send them an eCard featuring one of our foster cats. If you can’t afford to donate (we know not everyone can), please share Violet’s story and help this sweet kitten get the care she needs.


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