Aid for Windermere Apartment Fire Victims

by Lou on January 11, 2011

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windermere-firePlease click here for information on cats lost & found at  Windermere

As you may know, the Windermere Apartment complex on the corner of 48th and Walnut Streets experienced a devastating fire yesterday, leaving more than 100 people homeless.  Many of the residents had pets, including many cats.  At least 5 cats have been pulled from the  building alive, even after the fire burned for 12 hours.  Some residents were also able to get their cats out of the building as they were being evacuated.  The PSPCA is temporarily housing animals that have no other place to go, and VHUP has offered free emergency veterinary care.

However, the fire victims may need more assistance in the form of funds for boarding, pet sitting, follow-up veterinary care, food, litter, carriers, and other basic needs.  City Kitties would like to help Windermere residents with surviving cats. If you were a victim of the fire and in are in need of the above resources, please contact us at info (at) citykitties (dot) org or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.  We will respond as quickly as possible. We will ask you for some basic verification that you lived at Windermere, with the understanding that many residents literally lost everything.  We will not be able to write checks directly to victims, but will be able to purchase supplies for you, reimburse expenses, or pay vendors directly (veterinarians, boarding facilities, etc) up to a specific amount.

If you would like to donate to the City Kitties Emergency Fund, please do so using the Paypal button below.  If all of the designated funds are not used for Windermere Apartment victims, we will set aside those funds for future pet/animal-related emergencies in the West Philadelphia area.

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