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by Eli on October 31, 2010

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Evan's Allowance Note

Evan's inspirational note!

Over the past few years, Evan S has found a variety of creative ways to support City Kitties since he adopted Macha from us.   First, he saved up all of his allowance and donated it to City Kitties with this great note.   We shared this story and note online.  People were so touched by his generosity and compassion, that people from around the country matched his donation to City Kitties and donated to their own local rescue groups in Evan’s name!

This spring for our Annual Art Auction, local students who were inspired by our foster listings, created portraits of each of our kitties for us to auction off.   They were a big hit, and Evan picked up a portrait of one of our foster kitties, Calvin to help support the cause.

Evan & Macha advertising their fig sale

After the Art Auction, Evan made it a point to stop by the City Kitties table in Clark Park every weekend this summer and check on his favorite foster kitty, Calvin.   We were always happy to report that Calvin was doing very well in his foster home and was patiently waiting for his forever home.   Ever the loyal donor, Evan decided to sell the figs from his family tree at a sidewalk stand and donated the $86 in proceeds to City Kitties to help kitties like Calvin.

After 5 months of what we assume was daily pleading, begging, bribing and other cajoling we got an email from Evan’s dad asking if we could help him out with a little surprise for Evan and his mom.   We were happy to help, and headed over to Baltimore Pet Shoppe (where Calvin had been hanging out in the window, hoping to charm someone into adopting him).   We got Calvin all ready to go to his forever home and waited.    Evan’s dad had told him that Calvin was getting adopted and that Evan should head over to Baltimore Pet Shoppe to say good-bye and wish Calvin luck in his new home.     As we suspected, Evan asked us if Calvin would be living nearby.   We showed him the address of where Calvin would be living, which prompted squeals of joy from Evan and his mom.   At last report, Calvin has settled into his forever home with Macha, and has taken to curling up in bed with Evan at night.  Rumor has it, both Evan and Calvin can be found purring with joy during the night.

Evan & Calvin, friends for life!

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